Eyelash Extensions

Life is short, your lashes shouldn’t be!

Most women don’t have the time or patience to apply fake eyelashes every day. (We barely have enough time to use an eyelash curler!) So it’s no surprise that lash extensions have become increasingly popular and have become a beloved beauty secret to women of all ages over the past several years.

They enhance the natural look of the eye, bringing youth and radiance to one’s appearance. Eyelash extensions are strands of synthetic hairs individually adhered with a special adhesive to one’s own lash that adds length, thickness, and fullness to natural eyelashes. Extensions are applied onto the eyelash itself and never come in direct contact with one’s skin.

Whether you’re looking for beautiful lashes for a special occasion, or as a regular beauty routine for life, perfect lashes are achieved by our eyelash extension specialists.

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Get that summer glow anytime of the year!

Whether you want that “Just Off The Beach” look or a Sun-Kissed Glow, Afrina features the latest in state-of-the-art indoor tanning system.

The sun creates UV light, which is responsible for Tanning and is divided into 2 categories: UVA or UVB.

UVA’s main role in the Tanning process is oxidizing melanin, the browning pigment that tans the skin. UVB triggers melanin production in the skin. Both types of UV rays play a significant role and are needed for a balanced Tanning process.

Benefits of Tanning:
• Reduces visibility of stretch marks and scars on skin
• Tanning beds balance and fortify your skin
• Tanning sessions can reduce weight
• Stimulates the production of Vitamin D

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L’Oréal Professionnel Pro Fiber Treatment

True hair repair that lasts!

The L’Oréal Professionnel Pro Fiber Treatment is a long-lasting recharging haircare program for damaged hair. It starts in our salon and is prolonged at home. Our stylist will analyze the level of thickness and damage of our client’s hair and then prescribe the appropriate product. With three ranges for different levels of thickness and sensitivity, our client can achieve healthy-looking hair whatever their texture and level of damage.

• Revive: For slightly damaged hair that is dry and/or rough
• Restore: For damaged hair that is rough and/or uneven
• Recover: For very damaged hair with signs of breakage
• Re-create: For hair thinned by damage

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Nashi Argan Hair Treatment

The perfect hair brushing starts here!

Afrina offers professional products to meet your personal needs, suitable for all hair types, it gently cleanses, gives the maximum hydration and softness and it is ideal for the everyday use. Thanks to its special formula, which respects the natural hair hydration, it avoids imbalances of the hydrolipidic film and prevents the frizzy effect. Also, the most undisciplined and damaged hair will be healthier, softer, more hydrated and vital!

The entire line is enriched with organic certified Argan Oil from Morocco and Linseed Oil. Argan Oil is a highly nutritious and precious oil with a high percentage of Vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids. It is considered one of the best oils for hair and regular use helps in restoring hair luster and repairing the damage. Linseed Oil, also called flaxseed oil, is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acid, which is an essential fatty acid required by the body to maintain healthy hair and skin.

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Beauty Center Blowdry


 Do you like your hair looks and feel?

If you feel uneasy and struggling on your difficult hair, you’ll know that getting a hairdresser to help you can help save your time.

Afrina Beauty Center offers an ultimate pampering of hair blow-dry from normal to stylish hair effect plus the hair products that we are using are all professional to keep your hair more healthier and strong. We have a well-trained hairdresser to take care of your hair.



  • its sets hair for styling
  • it prevents bacteria build up
  • maintain the overall health of your hair

So, try working on your appointment with us and Experience Afrina Beauty Center’s blow-dry pampering, or you may call our branch for our offers in hair.

Hair Care-CAVIAR Hairplexx

Achieve the Hair Glow and Smoothness

Perfect Hair Care

CAVIAR Hairplexx for smooth and shiny glowing hair. Afrina uses a well guided method to treat and corrects hair in 10 different and unbelievable ways with the used of CAVIAR Hairplexx.

It provides moisture, shine, smoothness, softness, anti-breakage, heat protection, light hold, UV protection, manageability, and strength.

Clinically proven to reduce breakage by 92 percent and provide up to 450° F heat protection. Suitable for all hair types, It’s versatile enough to be used along or as a a daily hair shampoo. other products on top of it and no matter how you use it, hair is perfected, protected, and flawless.

Key benefits:
– Treats damaged hair
– Smooths frizz
– Restores softness and shine