Nail Extension

Afrina Nail Extension service is one of the best you can get in the salon. Afrina not only offer the nail extension but you can get also the nail care, classic manicure, pedicure, normal polish and gel polish with varieties of colors you can choose from.

Hair Extension

Afrina offers the new method of attaching hair extension. For hair you can find added style, color, texture, quality, length and fullness to your natural hair. Afmetic is the brand we trust for your needs to hair extension.

Eyelash Extension

Afrina's Expertise in eyelash extension is one you must try. We offer to give volume on your lashes weather for one day to one month fix. Having a great volume and length of your lashes makes the eyes more bold and fabulous.

Hair Removal

Afrina waxing services offers you the best waxing experience from pre- and post-wax care. Services like brazilian wax, Fruit wax or a normal sugar wax, Afrina uses top quality waxing product. Your skin will stay hair smooth and free for weeks.


Afrina Bath is a must try experience in our salon. The staff are experienced to perform the job whether you will do Morrocan bath, Turkish bath or Iranian bath the tradition of bathing is preserved by Afrina with the used of authentic products and herbs to make your skin fresh and glowing.

Eyebrow Threading

Our signature eyebrow enhancement is top listed eyebrow services. we have the best therapist to advise you on the shape, color of your eyebrow all is done naturally by threading,shaving or with the used of wax.

Hair Treatment

If your looking for a reliable and expereinced Hair Treatment Service in Dubai and Sharjah. In Afrina you can find the best in Hair Color, Hair Highlight,Perming, Hair Keratin and even the normal hair treatment you need plus top brands for hair you can only find in Afrina.

Hair Style

Whenever you need an amazing hairstyle for party, wedding, or just a normal day. Our signature hairstyle are known by the locals come and experienced the difference of our signature services specially hairstyle.

Make Up

Afrina applied Makeup by a professional Makeup artists is the key to your most beautiful long lasting look for any occasion plus we used authentic and original products for professional make up.


Afrina introduces variety of facial skin care for your needs, from Gold Mask, Bleaching, Fruit Mask to give you more gradient and cleanse face appearance that your looking for.


Relax and enjoy on Afrina head to toe Massage, our experience staff will assist you. Massage is our best service that you can visit to any of Afrina branch Dubai and Sharjah.


Henna is a traditional art of coloring and designing hands and feet, and body. We offer the two traditional which is known as mehendi henna Indian art and mehendi henna Arabic Style.

We offer the the best beauty services in dubai and sharjah with our experience therapists.